ACBLscore is software used by clubs to score duplicate bridge and report results to the ACBL. ACBLscore will handle almost any variation of movement, including individual. It can rank a stratified game with up to three strata, and can score by matchpoints, IMPs or Swiss Teams. It supports a database of players so that it will compute handicaps, print mailing labels, etc. Here you’ll find software specifications and downloads, as well as special instructions to submit a club report, update your club database, report special games, and post your game results on the Internet.

Download ACBLscore (free)

To order ACBLscore on CD ($10 handling charge) email or phone 662-253-3154.

For installation or technical questions email or phone 662-253-3165.


ACBLscore Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to see a list of frequently asked questions about ACBLscore.

ACBLscore for Beginners

The ACBL has launched a major initiative to bring bridge education to current and future club directors – saving the time and expense of travel to director courses. Our first course, ACBLscore for Beginners, shows how to install the program, set up club information, score club games and send electronic reports. This course is now available for DOS and WINDOWS versions for just $20 each. Once you register, you have 30 days to complete the course.

ACBLscore login.

Register for ACBLscore for Beginners. This link takes you to Click on the Order Courses button, select your course, then click on “Show Shopping Cart” and follow the instructions to order your course. When you register, you will be e-mailed a User ID and Password. You then will return to the site to access your course.

About ACBLscore for Beginners This document contains information about system requirements, Frequently Asked Questions and contact information. You may want to begin here.

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